4 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Audio & Video Equipment

4 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Audio & Video Equipment

4-spring-cleaning-and-maintenance-tips-for-your-homes-audio-video-equipmentWhen it’s time for spring cleaning, there are often parts of the home left untouched, including home audio and video equipment. This is understandable, as a home theater setup consists of expensive hardware that might be quite risky to clean, not to mention the difficulties recalibrating all the settings you use.

However, it is possible to clean your home theater equipment, along with completing a few maintenance checks to ensure everything is in working order. Here are four spring cleaning and maintenance tips for your home theater setup:

1. Always use the right materials to clean the Television Screen

Perhaps the most likely candidate for a clean is your TV. Flat screen TVs certainly don’t need dusting as often as their CRT predecessors, but the screens certainly need a good clean now and then. For this, always make sure you use a microfiber cloth and don’t press too hard on the screen.

You won’t need a cleaning fluid unless there are notable marks, in which case always look to buy a specialty screen cleaner – they’re sold at most supermarkets and electronics stores, don’t cost much and remove most marks on your flat screen.

Water may damage the screen when used to clean it, as will any alcohol-based cleaners, while paper towels or tissue paper leave residue and streaks, so be sure to avoid these.

2. Vacuum speaker covers

Not everyone has audio speakers with removable covers, but those that do should take the time to remove and clean them. The easiest way to do this is to simply vacuum either side of them once removed.

If your speakers don’t have removable covers, it’s still recommended that you vacuum the front of them. This still removes a good amount of dust that may impact the sound performance. Should you not want to use a vacuum, try using a lint roller instead.

3. Check connections

As anyone with a robust audio and video setup will know, there is going to be lots of wiring to keep track of. When cleaning around your equipment, take the time to check all connections are securely in place, keeping an eye for misplaced cables.

Using the wrong wire on an input or output may blow the entire system, which is of course the last thing you want. Be mindful if you remove any connections when cleaning! Make sure you remember where they go – taking a quick photo with your phone before unplugging is a good idea.

4. Don’t clean speakers with a liquid cleaner

You may want to give your speakers a clean to keep them looking fresh, but always make sure you avoid doing this with a liquid cleaning product, such as all-purpose or glass cleaners.

Chemical products may cause permanent damage to the amplifiers, but more commonly, they could strip away the finish of the speaker cabinet. These are often made with a wooden finish, so anything too harsh might ruin the finish.

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